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Change log

List of improvements with
	I.  .6.5
		A.  Enabled metatags
			1.  clean/dirty
			2.  quote/noquote
		B.  Added interactive coding
			1.  add code and recode along with mark, unmark, markall and unmark all menu options to help
		C.  implemented a simple search which combines the information returned of an unlimited search with a narrowing of searches similar to limited searches
			1.  enabled by a new check box under the search form in both the document and workbench windows
		D.  added syntax checking option
		E.  added options on the preference panel
			1.  traditional macintosh new line character in results window
			2.  option not to automatically refresh the results window after doing a recode or an add code.
		F.  refresh is now working on the results window so that it re-enacts the search
		G.  Can save and load rtf documents

	II.  6.6
		A.  minor bug fixes

	III.  6.7
		A.  A generic metacode insertion routine that scans the menu title for an X and selects it after doing an insert text with that title.

	IV.  6.8
		A.  cosmetic fixes
			1.  grammar in help box
			2.  improved simple flag setting springs
		B.  Find next and previous tag
		C.  delete marked records
		D.  reverse marked and unmarked records
		E.  delete codes from a selected section

	V.  6.9
		A.  Better handling of codes that cross a {!end} boundary; though far from perfect: the repeat values at present reflect the location of the terminus of the passage rather than the start.
		B.  Better handling of unterminated records.
	VI. .7.0
		A.  For passages that cross {!end} the results now report the repeat 
information for the head not the tail end of the passage.
		B.  Saving, while not perfect, is now much improved for results window.
	VII. .7.1.1
		A. A workbench button has been added to each document window
		B. An option is provided that permits the user to enter codes in the 
new code window rather than double clicking
		C. !tabs and !noheader metatags are now working
		D. Meta tag menu added
		E. Bug fix for searches with the ">" prefix
	VIII.	.7.2
		A. {!clean} is added to the metatag menu
		B. Report generator added (class: tableBrowser) including 2 reports--count, which counts the
			frequency of codes individually, and Co-coding frequency, which counts how many times
			each pair of codes are applied to some passage. These work for both the workbench and for 
			individual documents.
	IX.	.7.3
		A. This is a bug fix release. Some are strange bugs that have caused no problems that I'm aware of
			but showed up on an initial failed attempt to port this to gnustep.
		B. Continued problems with ">" searches. Fixed those, as far as I know ">" searches work now.
	X.	.8
		A. Major release including extensive support for toolbars.
			1. codes can be assigned to buttons on the toolbar
			2. selected passages (for instance containing metacodes) can be assigned to toolbar buttons
			3. a {!button code1,"text1"} metatag is now added so that you can have buttons automatically loaded at document load.
			4. workbench is now a toolbar button
		B. Searches using the * prefix can now be run as simple searches so that the results can be recoded.
		C. Menu option to delete all bookmarks
		D. Improved universal code handling and !name metatag handling
		E. Empty New code bug squashed
		F. Empty limit string bug squashed
		G. Improved handling of !clean metatag so that it empties the repeat codes on being found
	XI.	.8.3
		A. Bug fixes including the close code file first bug
		B. Better long name handling (still not pretty) in the tool bar
		C. Interface improvements (minor) in book mark handling and workbench layout
		D. Warning alerts added for several conditions in which missing files could lead to crashes
		E. Improved interface for add code and recode: no more having to do all the typing
		F. Dirty source flag implemented. If one of the sources of a result window has changed this is now signalled by a little check box by the "refresh" button.
	XII.	.8.4
		Bug fixes:
		A. crash when the terminate process was cancelled and work continued: kludge fix
		B. Crash when a file on the workbench's search list was closed: fixed
		C. nstextview doesn't update the changecount after saving (Apple, fix this!!!) kludge work around implemented
		D. The editor (i.e., the nstextview) was not the first view selected on opening a file or getting a new one; now it is
		A. Time-date stamp
		B. Delete code pair menu function. Click in *the first* of a code pair, pick this, and both it and it's partner (the one that begins with a "/") will be deleted.
		C. Ruler added to the editor with a toggle switch
	XIII.	.8.5
		Bug fixes:
		A. Find nested was not finding nested codes under certain circumstances
		B. Workbench was not resetting simple flag
		C. Improved close code file handling in the workbench
		A. Code Definition function. Click the "Def" button and you are shown the definition of a code.
		B. Comment function. Result windows will show the comments in a modal dialogue. Pick from TAMS menu
		C. Find other end of a code pair.
		D. Delete code pair works now for both beginning tag and end tag!
		E. Bookmark menu updates as windows switch (may still need to refresh)
		F. Layout improvements in the workbench
	XIV.	.8.5.3
		A. Bug fixes for Jaguar
		B. Bug fixes on close
		C. Or searches now can be run in simple mode. Only searches which include logical And (+) can't be recoded.
	XV.	.8.5.4
		A. Fixed empty searches which returned an extra record.
	XVI. .9
			1.  Tooltips for code list reveal the code

			2.  Tooltips for code list can be toggled in preference panel

			3.  Preferences are properly saved between exits

			4.  !endsection metacode allows carrying forward of repeat value (acts as a short cut for turning on the !dirty flag for one portion of a document and then turning it off at the end}

			5.  Preference box support for !endsection with "Report empty searches for each {!endsection}"

			6.  Support metacodes for the !endsection metacode, can act like the prefence dialogue option in 5: {!emptysection} and {!noemptysection} which can toggle whether the !empty metatag effects each !endsection or only the section that ends with !end

			7.  Support for coder identity. New signed tags syntax {code [coderID]}text{/code [coder ID]: comment}

			8.  Preference panel support for automatically entering the coder ID.

			9.  Preference panel support for whether the coder is revealed in raw output from a search

			10.  New Coder ID field in both the workbench and search panels (Note: separate ids with commas, use * to designate the unsigned codes)
			11.  Expanded search syntax for designating coder ID with codes: code[coderID; coderID] (note that the coder IDs are separated by semicolons)
				A.  Use * to mark the unsigned codes
				B.  Use ~ to indicate that you're looking for a prefix rather than a whole coder ID so acode[~m] will find all occurances of acode by coders whose IDs start with lower case m.
				C.  Can search for just coders with codes: searching for [aaa] will find all passages coded by aaa. 
				D.  Can use ands and ors ("," and "+") to find codes and coders e.g.
					1.  To find all passages coded by both coderA and coderB: [coderA]+[coderB]
					2.  To find all passages coded by coderA or coderB: [coderA; coderB]
						a)  Alternatively you could search for: [coderA], [coderB]
					3.  To find all intersections of code1 by coderA or coderB and code2 by coderC: code1[coderA; coderB]+code2[coderC]
	XVII.	version 1.01a5
			1. Retire codes from central code file facility
			2. Cancel button added to code definition sheet.
			3. Improved end of file handling with a user option and metacodes to determine whether an EOF should be treated as an {!end}
			4. Add All button in the work bench now leaves the central code file behind
			5. Simple XML export of search results. Someone more adept at XML should send me some xslt to make this useable though.
	XVIII version 1.1a
		1. Menu was rearranged so that the functions related to coding are on one menu and the functions related to manipulating results are on another.
		2. Results can now be sorted up and down on by alpha, num, and date.
		3. Sorts can be nested, so users can sort on multiple criteria
		4. Results can be searched to produce subsets of the results. Searches can happen on alpha, num and date criteria.
		5. Results that have been searched can be further searched both by adding records (Select additional) and in the results themselves (Select).
		6. Search window now indicates how many records are showing and total number of records returned by the search
		7. Dates can be specified through Apple's date format strings, a variety are previded on menu.s
	XIX version 1.2a2
		1. Regular expressions implemented for both select and find/replace
		2. Select Reverse option on results
		3. Bug fix so that record count is fixed to left corner of window
		4. Bug fix so that error message is provided if there is an init file, but no files in the search list
	XX version 1.21a3
		1. Bug fix: record count now working for "Select reverse"
		2. Bug fix: Regex search and replace now fixed so that the last character of the replace string is not lost
		3. Bug fix: Regex searches now work (better) in complex rtf documents 
		4. Searchers in results can now be named and recalled
		5. Set math (intersect/union etc.) can now be done with viewed results and named selections (see #4)
		6. The results of searches can now be "reduced" through removing the selected (i.e., visible) records
		7. A number of operations now connect selections (visible records) and marked records (records tagged for recoding)
	XXI version 1.21a4
		1. Bug fix: workbench project menu was not rebuiliding properly when a new project was created (mostly effected people doing this for the first time)
	XXII version 1.21a5
		1. Bug fix: set operation for not intersecting with named selection: FORALL was not working
		2. Bug fix: set operation for not union with named selection: FORALL was not working
		3. XOR implemented as set operation
	XXIII version 1.22a3
		1. Bug fix: sorting numbers up now goes up and sorting down now goes down.
		2. Bug fix: regex search and replace all in a selection now calculates selection size correctly
		3. Behavior change: EOF of the init file is now ignored (not treated as an {!end} for empty searches 
		4. Preference panel now has option on whether EOF should clean out universals or allow their values to carry over to next document.
		5. Metatag created to allow conditional setting of repeat and univeral codes
		6. REGEXCOUNT variable created to enumerate finds (only available in regex find and replace)
	XXIV. version 2.00a9
		1. project based focus
		2. PCRE 4.00 + AGRegex .3
		3. Escape chars \t,\n & \r can be used in non regex expressions
		4. Added code browser
		5. Definitions can be examined in various locations
		6. Repeat codes can be evaluated for the first {!end} or last for a passage crossing muliple {!end}s
		7. International character support
		8. Checks for illegal characters in new codes
		9.unlimited, non-simple searches now possible
		10. {!zapuniversal} and [!nozapuniversal} indicates whether or not to dump universal codes at an EOF
		11. The references in a project can be saved as absolute or relative paths offering two types of portability (movement of project relative to source files or movement of source/project tree on or between machines)
	XXV. version 2.1a1
		1. kludged bug  in NSString regarding triming whitespace off of characters
		2. results can now be saved to a native, reloadable file
		3. results now part of the project
		4. better handling of unlimited, non-simple searches re: display of raw codes
		5. file list on the workbench now toggles between sources and searches
		6. workbench shows number of files in file list and the path mode for saving
		7. searches from individual files now can include the init file
		8. the init file can now contain a {!button} metatag to create a program wide toolbar on source windows, activated from preferences window.
		9. Result windows now have a running description of the analysis done
		10. A user preference now indicates whether repeat values are returned in non-simple searches
		11. The window name field is now removed from both the project and the source windows since results are now named through the normal save/save as dialog
	XXVI version 2.1a2
		1. Bug fix for save and save as in results
	XXVII version 2.11a3
		1. More bug fixes for saving: closing but not saving a dirty window meant that the project wouldn't save
		2. User options on how results are exported using "Save to". See preference dialogue for the different choices
		3. Small "def" (definition) buttons have been placed by code lists for ease of access
		4. Generate code list from a file has been fixed and modified to present the list in a new window
	XXVIII version 2.12a5
		Bug fixes:
		1. bug fix for recode when when replacing with a shorter string
		2. bug fix for !filename metatag when it is used in the init file
		3. bug fix for closing files: now checks to make sure all files are closed
		4. projects now save the coder string so it properly restores the search
		1. Syntax check all files by using "Check for pairs" and "Check nested" from project windows
		2. Now can select for exact strings (rather than substrings) in result files
		3. The sheets in result files can be floating or sheets (see preference file)
		4. Better behavior with Add file: now shifts down to facilitate multiple adds
	XXIX version 2.13a2
		1. !if can take multiple contingencies
		2. !block stops the processor from creating records for the listed codes
		3. !inner designates a single code which acts as though an !endsection is inserted in front of it
		4. searchlists can now be named and saved. The search list consists of the init file and the files listed in the search list view on the workbench window
	XXX. version 2.14a1
		Bug fixes:
		1. fix for loading searches when opening a project
		2. fix for closing source documents
		1. Code Browser button placed on work bench
		2. Coding no longer changes the formatting of the text being coded
		3. Returns and tabs are now interpreted in result windows
	XXXI. version 2.17a7
		Bug Fix:
		1. Kludeged a bug in result windows which means that some windows never have their windowWillClose method called. Moved that code to shouldCloseWindow, which seems to consistently get called.
		1. color tags as you go through a tag color option on the preference panel
		2. to support color tags added Text to black  menu item on Font menu so that the user can keep typing after a tag w/o having go to the color panel
		3. You can now toggle whether you want the tags visible in result windows (feature on results menu)
		4. Scroll through tags in code browser window using arrow keys.
	XXXII version 2.16a4
		Bug fixes:
		1. fix for close preference panel so it responds to keyboard and menu close commands
		2. fix for extract codes to file
		3. fix for project searches (probably an error from other revisions)
		4. various fixes related to GNUStep
		5. some memory improvements to TAMSCharEngine, probably trivial
		1. Section searches: such a search actually returns an entire section of the document meeting specified criteria
		2. New project type: "Same folder"; useful for switching machines when the project was in absolute mode
	XXXIII version 2.17a2
		Bug fixes:
		1. section searches now do nothing on the init file
		1. multifile string searches with controllable context (see preferences). 
		2. regex string searches
	XXXIV version 2.17a4
		Bug Fixes:
		1. Section search now does nothing with the init file (really)
		2. Null strings in project files now handled better
		1. PCRE 4.3 is the current regex engine
	XXXV. version 2.17a7
		1. Project will save but not close with unsaved (untitled) result windows. Untitled windows are not saved as part of the project.
		2. Preference panel has been organized into coding and searching tabs
		3. Named search lists trigger the dirty flag of the project window
	XXXVI. version 2.18a3
		1. Delete codes in source through result (recode to no code at all)
		2. Better layout of recode menu
		Bug Fixes
		1. export to XML and Tab separated file fixed; they're working again
	XXXVII. version 2.20a3
		1. split pane view in results window
		2. escape braces
		3. Menu to automatically escape braces in selection
		4. user option to turn of brace escaping
		Bug Fixes
		1. opening rtf probelm resolved
		2. changed applyCode so that undo reverses it
	XXXVIII. version 2.21a4
		1. Assign colors to specific codes
		2. Updating codes' colors can be either updated automatically or manually
		3. Find previous code and find next code  now do not select "escaped braces"
		4. Workbench is not marked dirty if a search is done or a results window is closed; only saving a results window marks the workbench as dirty.
	XXXIX. version 2.22a5
		1. Calculation of Cohen's Kappa and straight % as a measure of inter-rater reliability
		2. Document window now has a splitview separating the code list from the text
		3. Documents can now read RTFD files
	XXXX. version 2.23b2
		New Features
		1. Ability to transform text so that lines (or paragraphs) are numbered
		Bug Fixes
		1. Empty searches now return you to the character past the last relevant {!end} when you do a find record
		2. The signal that the project is using the Same Folder method of accessing files is now "F" rather than "L"
	XXXXI. version 2.23b4
		1. Improved handling of line numbers in searches. This handling is selectable in user preferences.
		2. Improved handling of projects when saving result files
	XXXXII version 2.30
		New Features
		1. Named searches
		2. Auto sets
		3. Remove from selection
		4. Extended IRR
		1. Implemented a consistent +, -, -- interface to buttons that control saved lists
		Bug Fixes
		1. Remove all lead to close results crashing
		2. Search on file name
		3. Same folder prefernce option fixed
		4. Results shuffle up and shuffle downs
	XXXXIII version 2.31b10	
		New Features
		1. User preference so that code button prompts for comment
		2. User preference determines whether recode and add code clear marked records
		3. Add code, recode, and delete code in the result menu now maintain proper index in all open result windows 
		4. Double click coding, code button, and delete code pairs now maintain result window indices
		5. Reanalysis mode prevents user from doing actions that might bring source and results out of synch
		Bug Fixes
		1. Turning off color coding switch now works
		2. Dirty flag on saved result files now properly triggered
		3. Improved handling of empty auto sets
	XXXXIV version 2.31b12
		1. Regex engine upgraded to .4; pcre 4.3
		Bug Fix
		1. Results→hide tags fixed
	XXXXV version 2.32b1
		1. Addcode and recode now update the initiating result windows data to reflect the change
		2. Warning message added in searches if no close brace is found
		3. Auto set menu and reanalysis mode now are properly set when the front window changes
		Bug Fix
		1. Fixes a major bug that crashed the program if reanalysis mode was turned off after closing a window
	XXXVI version 2.33b2
		New Features
		1. Code sets: the ability to create small groups of codes from the whole pool and limit the code lists to only those codes.
		1. Updating of results after an add code or recode is now an option since it is an imprecise art
		2. Updating of results after an add code or recode now affects all open result windows, not just the one initiating the change.s
	XXXVII. version 2.35b6
		New Features
		1. Summary report generator: calculates totals, subtotals (counts and subcounts) of fields in a result window
		2. code browser and workbench can now be resized
		3. sort by code level
		4. jump to workbench button on results window
		1. improved responsiveness with large number of codes
		2. save and save as now implemented through delegate api
		3. reports now hook up to doc controller and act like proper windows.
	XXXVIII. version 2.35b11
		1. Interface changes for panther
		2. change the number of commands that redrew the color codes
		3. source compiled on gcc 3.3
		Bug fixes
		1. check for null characters for matching MWFiles on opening a project
	XXXIX. version 2.35b13
		1. Data summary now retains previous values for iterative design
		Bug fix
		1. Mark record now shows current rather than first record (unmark as well)
	XXXX. version 2.36b9
		1. Data summary and auto sets can now store the sort order of the data
		Bug fix
		1. Bug fixes to store marked records
		2. Bug fixes to how selection works on select data
	XLI. version 2.37b6
		1. Faster parsing: affects simple, non-simple, and section searches; also file opening.
		2. Results now show escape code
		Bug fixes
		1. Bug that didn't remove closed, unsaved result files from work bench fixed
		2. setrepeat spelling corrected in "insert metatag" menu fixed
	XLII. version 2.38b2
		New feature
		1.	New button labeled "<<" creates an OR search with the current current code set
		1.	Speed increases to tag coloring, reports (including IRR), and diagnostics.
	XLIII. version 2.38b4
		Bug fix
		1. Remove file from project now removes file from all file sets and search sets.
		2. Regex substantially rewritten for speed for both replace all and search from the workbench.

	XLIV. version 2.38b5
		Bug fix
		1. Project window would not drop unsaved document windows when closed.
	XLV. version 2.39b1
		1. Reports are now on their own main menu
		New Features
		1. Graphviz output support from result windows

	XLVI. version 2.39b8
		New Features
		1. User preference to specify whether to open Graphviz directly or save the .dot files to disk
		2. Switch on dialogue to override #1 on the fly
		3. Tab which allows the user to specify the visual characteristics of specific nodes and edges attached to specific nodes.
		1. Redesigned dotGraph dialogue/sheet so that it has tabs so the number of options needed would fit. Moved the exit/save-open button to top of sheet.
	XLVII. version 2.40b9
		1. Dot graph dialogue improved so that order of fields and the code level can be set within the dialogue. Set the order of fields by dragging the names, code level has its own field.
		2. New dot graph report for the current code set by picking “Reports→dot Graph Outputâ€� from either the workbench or document windows.
		3. Forward and back browser-style buttons added to the result window (with supporting menu options on the Results menu)
		4. New metatag. Another attempt to save on inserting {!end} statements. {!lastrepeat X}  or {!last X} in which the next repeat code after repeat code X is treated as if it had an {!endsection} before it. This is sort of the reverse of {!inner X} which acts as if there is a {!endsection} before every instance of X. !last and !inner cancel each other.
		5. Named code set fixed so that it properly closes and saves
		6. Warning added so that users cannot create empty code sets
		7. Bug fix for delete codes in selection
		8.Updated TAMS documentation
		9. New TAMS documentation: “Analysis for beginners�
		10. New packaging: graphviz is included in the TAMS release.
		11. Project file upgraded to Xcode Native format
	XLVII. version 2.41b11
		New features
		1. Support for playing and working with media/quicktime files
	XLVIII. version 2.42b7
		New Features
		1. Tags colored in results windows
		2. Metatags colored differently from code tags
		1. Colors set using color picker rather than menu
		2. Add code/recode 
		3. Packaged with v. 1.1(v4)
		Bug Fixes
		1. Play button now monitors and adjusts to state of scrubber/quicktime play button
		2. White space properly copied over to results windows
	XLIX. version 2.43b6
		New Features
		1. Copy without tags from results and document windows
		2. Export with lots of controls from results windows
		3. Toolbar menu with command keys assigned to first 10 tag or text toolbar buttons
		Bug Fixes
		1. White space copied over to results windows when tags are turned off
		2. Drag-n-drop bug first time after rebooting fixed
	L. version 2.44b6
		New Features
		1. Work menu
		2. Autosets can call other autosets as a step
		3. New code field of add code and recode is automatically filled
		4. Toolbar buttons for results windows
		1. Refresh tries to recreate the last selection of data. This will not work if current selection was created through:
			a. add or subtract  unmarked/marked
			b. remove selected or unselected
			c. select marked/unmarked
			d. collapse up/collapse down
		2. Generic sort now is compatible with autosets and data summaries
		Bug fixes
		1. Regex replace all
		2. Add autohistory after stepping forward or back in a results window
	LI. version 2.45b6
		New Features
		1. Add and delete "root" codes to marked records
		2. Add and append comments to either the selected or marked records.
		3. Add code, recode, delete code, add comments, add root code all can work without opening document windows
		4. Results can be filtered (either in or out) by code sets.
		5. Code sets can be created using selected records.
		6. Additional toolbar icons for result windows
		7. Additional toolbar icons/commands for document windows
		1. Remove from selection now adds a string to the status bar
		2. Add code and recode now select first item if no item is found
		Bug Fixes
		1. Tabs are properly handled in searches
		2. Rearranging files not gathered into a data set is properly hanlded (i.e., saved and restored)
	LII. version 2.45b9
		New Features
		1. remove line numbers
		2. additional buttons for both document and results window
		3. select code in the text (either in the results window or the document window) and look up the definition
		4. look up the definition from the selected row
	LIII. version 2.45b12
		New Features
		1. Toolbar button for code browser added for both results and document windows.
		Bug Fixes
		1. Fixed bug that prevented result windows from closing. Bug introduced with 1.45
		2. Fixed bug that wouldn't copy over some files to search window
	LIV. version 2.46b1
		New Features
		1. Data summaries no longer need to be pre-sorted (sorting can be done based on grouping data in columns)
		2. Collapse up and collapse down now register on the status bar and use the data stack so that they respond to the back and forward buttons
		1. Updated graphviz
		2. New application icons
	LV. version 2.47b1
		1. !unstruct mode which treats each close tag as having an !endsection after it (good for beginning researchers)
		2. !struct metatag to force traditional tams behavior. Also a new program preference to support the !struct and !unstruct metatags
		3. !map metatag added to allow researchers to assign the value of one repeat value to a different one: {!map x→y} means treat all occurances of x as though they were y. {!zapmap} erases the map you've created with !map metatags.
		4. Data summaries can now convert the sort of the data into the groups used to organize the data summary
		5. The workbench now shows how many codes are showing in the code list
	LVI. version 2.48b2
		1. Metatags to control how !inner is handled after !end/!endsection and the top of documents
		2. Metatag menu made independent; tags divided into themes
		3. Equivalent (synonym or alias) metatags for some key metatags, metacode names are more descriptive
		4. Clarification of the wordings on some menu items
		5. Recolor tags menu option, other color menu options moved to the color tags submenu
		6. File counts and a new count of items on the search list are positioned like the code count
		7. Comments can be added to all passages in a whole section of the document with !setcomment
		8. Comments can be appended and managed with !appendcomment, !endcomment, !endlastcomment, and !clearcomments. Also comments can be applied to document through a gui interface.
	LVII. version 2.49b2
		New Features
		1. Result windows can display their own media player and run multimedia files attached to documents. The media player can be evoked both through a menu option and an optional toolbar button.
		2. Document windows can now position the transcript using the quick time scrubber (the reverse has been true for a while). This is evoked through Coding→Audio/Visual→Find nearest time code
		3. Time counters and insert code can now use HH:MM:SS format as well as raw seconds format.
		4. Ability to convert (file by file or en masse) second to HH:MM:SS and vice versa
		1. Interface improvements/fixes for the project window: counts are anchored to bottom of tableviews, searchlist now anchored to right edge.

	LVIII. version 2.49b4
		New Features
		1. Clear all added to work bench
		2. CFBundleIndentifier added: permits use of TA on managed accounts
		Bug Fixes
		1. Delete work project fixed so users can remove a project if it can't be found by the program
		2. Timer on result window media player fixed
		1. Time-date stamp in definitions now defaults to off 
	LIX. version 2.49b7
		New Features
		1. Workbench regex can search for substrings of the regular expression
		2. Empty switch enables Multiline mode of search
		3. PCRE upgraded to 4.5
		Bug Fixes
		1. REGEXCOUNT re-enabled
		2. Empty searches re-enabled
		3. Empty searches fixed so end of file is properly interpreted if it is to be treated as an !end
		4. Memory management for workbench regex searches enabled 
		5. Document searches no longer pre-interpret \n's. Permits multiline regex's in document search and replace
	LX. version 2.50b1
		New Features
		1. Hot code lists
		2. New XML file format for projects and result files
		Bug fixes
		1. Various bug fixes that emerged from porting to GNUstep.
	LXI. version 2.50b3
		Bug fixes
		1. Preference panel fixed so that preference on opening files in recode now works
		2. Fixed MWFile so it's compatible with GNUstep
		3. Fixed MWKeyedProject so that it opens xtrs files
		4. Fixed myProject so it can add .xtrs files
	LXII. version 2.50b4
		Bug fixes
		1. Fixed MyPanedDocument.nib so that the new code field requires an enter before creating a hot code set.
	LXIII. version 2.50b5
		New features
		1. Keyboard short cut for recolor
		2. Export data now optionally exports the column names
		Bug fix
		1. Bug with translating tabs when using scan line number option fixed
	LXIV version 2.51b2
		New features
		1. Zoom window
		2. Disable codes with 0 count
		3. Enable all codes
	LXV. version 2.99b12		
		1.    save as in documents now adds a new file to projects
		2.    project prompts users for file name for results and documents (it puts them in the right folder)
		3.    New tabbed project gui. Needed for future functionality!
		4.    Project file now has tools for code creation and
code set creation built right in the project window, though you can
still use the traditional panels
		5.    Project now has a part of the search panel for creating hot code lists
		6.    File list now permits multiple selection
		7.    Hot code list creation from the workbench
		8.    Ability to create hot code sets by doing set
operations on the current code list (find the intersection or create
the union of different code sets
		9.    Zoom window now stores the zoom factor for document windows
		10.   Zoom now works in results
		11.   Conversion function provided
	LXVI version 2.99b17
		1. Copy without line numbers
		2. Select near
		3. Export select near data
		4. Code definition button in Code set pane
		1. Improved remove temporary result file
		2. Manage file sets now working
	LXVII version 3.00a5
		1. Synchronize files through a MySQL server
		2. Inspect history of code definition changes
		3. Manage users of a project through TA3
		4. Group results by code set
		5. Generate a hot code list of all codes not in any set through workbench button or Coding->Code sets menu item
		1. Zoom window correctly rewraps after change

	LXVIII version 3.10a4
		1. Report on code set for results that outputs either dot graph files or html
		2. Report on code sets for work bench 
		3. Report on the definition of codes and code sets
		4. Option to count empty cells as 0 in select, select near and autosets
		5. Document searches now work like work bench searches
		6. Improved diagnostics including check pairs
		7. Ability to set default font/size for documents and result windows
		8. Same folder project preferences are now automatically converted to relative
		1. Arrows now work in outline view
		2. Fixed isParentOf function
		3. Fixed !if so that it works with !name (universal for !name is FileName)
		4. Fixed prompts for regex search on workbench
		5. Relative and same folder projects now search project folder and data/results folder when opening for the files in the project
		6. Tags are colored when a new document is created and the !file tag is inserted
		7. Changed permission while saving file to isReallyOpen from hasFile 
	LXVIII version 3.20a3
		1. On the fly table columns in results that can be selected, counted, sorted, graphed, and used to mark up source documents with universal and context codes.
		2. New table report that allows you to compare text and counts side by side for different variables organized by code or code set
		3. Ability to mark and unmark records in outline views
		4. Ability to convert marked to a code set from outline view
		5. Ability to copy ruler styles from document to document
		6. AND and OR buttons on the search tabs
		7. Tool bar buttons in results windows for temporary columns, compare data, group code sets and graph code sets
		1. More careful pruning of files when a project is opened. If a file can't be found the user is prompted as to whether they want to remove it from the project
		2. Double clicking code in search windows now works
		3. Export codes and defs now creates a proper project file in the data directory; definitions are trimmed
		4. More saving using "Export result file formats" in the program preferences search tab, including data export and the new html based reports. This should help foreign language users
		5. Graphviz documents now hard coded to be utf-8 format to support at least other non-english, roman charactersets.
		6. Hot code set "remove" button repaired
		7. Interface changes: check in/out buttons moved north, extra tabs deleted, code count now shows total enabled codes, definition tab has prompts
	LXVIIII version 3.21a6
		1. Automatic generation of !if table from temporary data column
		2. Ability to group without count in Data comparison table
		3. Ability to justify top or center in Data comparison table
		4. Ability to sort each axis in dct
		5. ability to make a table from two data columns (dct)
		Bug Fixes
		1. Close button eliminated in new dialogues
		2. Various menus are now constructed more carefully by checking the universals and repeats
		3. Better handling of closed file handling
		4. Fixed fill selected and fill marked.
	LXX. version 3.22b9
		1. TAMS links to webkit
		2. Data comparison table is now rendered in tams 
		3. Data comparison tables are now interactive with result windows
		4. Temporary data columns can now be converted to lower case, title case or upper case
		5. Users can copy values into temporary data columns
		6. regex can be used to transform temp data columns
		7. Set value now has an append option for temp data columns
		8. Summary table now stays open until exit is clicked
		9. Improved white space stripping in various code definition fuctions
	LXXI. version 3.23b1
	New Features
	1. Word count across the project
	2. Word count for result selections
	Bug Fixes
	1. Hot code set not triggered on workbench by clicking on code list

	LXXII. version 3.23b2
	New Features
	1. Empty option in Data Comparison Excellent
	Bug Fixes
	1. Data comparison table total column fixed so that an extra column isn't added
	2. Data comparison doesn't draw a divider if count is 0

	LXXIII. version 3.30b1
	New Features
	1. Improved control over context variables
	2. Ability to use !last/!first to set either virtual !ends or !endsections
	3. Menu options for new code and add code
	Bug Fixes
	1. Result window resizing of the panes problem fixed
	2. Generate code list works again
	3. Scan line number is working again
	4. Fixed remove multiple files from project

	LXXIV. version 3.31b2
	New Features
	1. Report that counts variables across any shared context (variable)
	Bug Fixes
	1. RTFD support restored
	2. Bug fix affecting word count fixed

	LXXV. version 3.31b4
	Bug fixes
	1. Bug fixes for applescript/VPedal support
	2. Kludge fix for bug in media player in results window (I think it's a 10.4.2 problem)
	LXXVI. version 3.31b5
	1. Code is now organized so that it can be compiled as either a single or single/multi-user program.
	2. Binaries now compiled for ppc and i386 (universal binary)
	LXXVII. version 3.31b8
	Bug fixes
	1. Save as for results properly registers the non temporary file in the project
	2. Save as for documents saves files to the correct file format
	3. Check for pairs from desk top handles end of files correctly
	4. Copying the _doc column to a temporary file now works correctly
	5. Collapse up and collapse down now works with _doc column of results window
	LXXVIII. version 3.32b4
	New Features
	1. Code level option for data elements of the Data Comparison table 
	2. Group but don't count duplicates for data elements of the Data Comparison table 
	3. Option to fold some results window dialogues (see program preference) for use on small screens with low resolution 
	4. General interface improvements (especially in Data Comparison Table) 
	Bug fixes
	5. Fixed login for tamsadmin in multiple user tams
	6. Fixed for saving the variable space and temporary columns in results files 
	7. dirty flag now set for temporary column operations 
	LXXIX. version 3.33b5
	New features
	1. option click insert time to insert end time
	2. apple click insert time to insert uncoded time
	3. option back-space to fine adjust scrub bar backwards
	4. apple click back space to forward jump
	5. apple option click back space to fine adjust scrub bar forwards
	6. Preference panel options for fine adjust of scrub bar, option click insert and end time code.
	7. Media player in results window stops at end time (sort of)
	8. Option click shuffle up/down button for either file list or search list sorts up/down respectively

	LXXX version 3.34b4
	New Features
	1. Support for UTF, Unicode and other character schemes as source files
	Bug Fixes
	1. Interface fixed so it works with jaguar

	LXXXI version 3.34b6
	Bug Fixes
	1. Restored keyboard shortcuts for media player functions

	LXXXII version 3.34b7
	Bug Fixes
	1. Renamed a method so that the project window doesn't respond to New Code
	2. Fixed bug so that deleteing the last code on the list works
	3. Fixed bug so that working with codes on the code browser properly updates workbench.
	LXXXIII version 3.35b5
	1.	New Project/Work selector. Working projects are now presented on a table rather than menu
	2.	_end_loc  now shown in results table
	3.	A series of columns: _bare_loc, _bare_end, and _bare_len are now included in results, these keep track of the location and length of the data string indexed and measured as if the file had ntags and metatags.
	4.	Select near now uses _bare variables rather than _begin loc and _end loc.
	5.	Search button has been added tthe file tab of projects. This uses the values indicated on the file tab.
	6.	{!blockcontext} metatag. Once found the program treats all context codes applied tpassages of text as regular codes.
	7.	File tab of project window now uses square buttons
	8.	The type of select near drops specific reference to _begin_loc; in fact it uses _bare_loc.
	LXXXIV. version 3.40b14
	New Features
	1. New project browser now allows users to remove projects from the work list
	2. Data comparison Table now allows data to be grouped in a single column
	3. Small improvements to DCT formatting
	4. Temporary columns now can calculate the length of entries, the total length or average length or count of regular expressions in temporary columns
	5. Temp columns can be be replaced by rown number
	6. STrip tags from temporary columns
	7. Create column and copy existing column in single step
	8. Group by column
	9. Toolbar buttons added for Copy to temporary column, Add copy of current column, Regex transform of temporary column, Analyze temporary column, and Group column. 
	Bug Fixes
	1. Small results browser added to all builds
	2. Updates to small results browser so it's feature complete
	3. Work menu and new project browser now synchronize
	4. !if tags from temp columns now remove spaces from column name
	5. Major fixes to export outlined data.
	6. Code definitions restored with flipping tabs
	7. Fixes to delete code in project window.
	LXXXV. version 3.41b4
	New Features
	1. Enumerate contents of current column with or not resetting.
	2. Rename temp. column
	3. Separator for copy column to temp column now translates \t, \n, and \r
	4. Remove tag from temporary column now fully implemented
	Bug Fixes
	1. Fixed bug for create new file with blank name
	2. _doc can now be used to generate temporary column
	3. Links in data comparison now work in Leopard, Safari 3, and OSX 10.4.11

	LXXXVI. version 3.42b6
	New Features
	1. Item counts in data comparison charts
	2. Easy creation of subcode temporary columns
	3. Fast access buttons for data and results files
	4. Updated regex engine
	5. Updated mysql engine
	6. Small menu and interface improvements
	7. Builds with active help menus
	LXXXVII. version 3.43b3
	New Features
	1. In result windows, each column can have its own date/time format for sorting and grouping purposes.
	2. Date formats can be set automatically through the {!dateformat} metatag.
	3. Dates can be transformed and grouped by day, month, and year.
	4. Find/Replace in temporary data columns
	Bug fixes
	1. Named sets menu wasn't updated when a saved result file was loaded
	2. Data comparison tables didn’t print out both row and column totals when "include totals" was checked.
	3. Improvements to sorting by date/time
	4. For date format dialog, the field for specifying the date format is hidden unless other is specified from the menu.
	1. Updated User guide and Tutorials

	LXXXVIII. version 3.44b4
	New Features
	1. ability to titles/captions for a data comparison table
	2. Subtotals and totals are now hot linked to the data
	3. The default selection technique for hot linking in reports is now a new mode called "smart highlight/selection" which works as follows: if you click on an item linked to a single row of data, the program will try to highlight it in the current selection; in all other cases it will select the related records.
	4. "Do not count duplicates" is a check option/item, so it can be used with all types of data comparison tables including "count only"
	5. Clicking on a hot linked item with "Do not count duplicates" checked will select all the relevant records: it's as though you had run your report with "Group" picked from the Data Elements menu.
	6. The comparison data dialogue will optionally (on by default) restore the current selection, which means you can click on different data items, and then generate another report. This is zeroe’d out if you pull up data comparison report from the Report menu or the icon for data comparison reports. The selection is retained if you use the Window menu or click on the data comparison dialogue.
	7. Data comparison table button is now part of the Results window's default tool bar button set. Note that this will not effect current users, only new users. Current users will need to go to "Configure tool bar" on the Windows menu to change their tool bars.
	8. Small interface tweaks to the Data Comparison Dialogue

	LXXXIX. version 3.44b7
	1. Code set definition dialogue is now interactive (No need to refresh)
	2. Handling of text files restored
	3. Misc. bug fixes

	XC. Version 3.44b10
	1. Data comparison tables now work with all types of tams searches
	2. Code lists can now be recreated by extracting the codes from the search list

	XCI. Version 3.45b3
	1. Padding controls added to results window

	XCII. Version 3.51b9
	New Features
	1. 	Ability to set codes for a whole section
	2.	Ability to drag names from the code list and insert them into the text
	3.	Menu item that duplicates #2
	4.	Ability to rename files in the project menu
	5.	Ability to create file sets through a tab on the project window
	6.	Updated code set and file set interface.
	7.	Ability to jump to specific references in the same or other files
	8.	Updated documentation

	Bug Fixes
	1.	Fixed serious bug for !last
	2.	Fixed a bug that caused occasional crashes when changeing search lists
	3.	Bug fix for crash when grouping _doc column
	4. 	Fixed bug that required hitting the back button twice when restoring previous hot code sets
	5.	Safe guards added to prevent repeat importing of files
	6.	Improved handling of end tags in the padding control

XCIII Version 3.52b15
	New features
	1.	Code sets and file sets can now auto-update through a preference item (See Documentation Below)
	2.	Hot list button for define codes
	3.	Import !setcode (and !setcodeinfo) into the code dictionary with automatic hot set creation and editing of definitions
	4.	Paragraph  and Sentence searches (See Documentation Below
	5.	Advanced Boolean options in paragraph and sentence search
	6.	Exact case match in paragraph and sentence search
	7.	Ability to modify characters used as the criteria for sentence ends.
	Interface changes
	1.	Warning for delete code
	2.	Interface made parallel for both the little and big code definition tabs and dialogues
	3.	Rename file now has key equivalent
	4.	Rename button added to file and code sets
	5.	Deleting a single file now has a warning dialogue
	6.	Def button removed from file sets subtab
	7.	Def button better placed in code sets subtab
	Bug fixes
	1.	Bug fix for code history, though for single user doesn’t do anything
	2.	Bug fix in project.hotcodelist routine, caused fatal crash if the code set menu on code tab was clicked
	3.	Document window scroll problem fixed (right scroll bar would gradually vanish off of window)
	4.	Bug fix for !media when media file isn’t there
	5.	Bug fix for delete code not removing code from codesets
	6.	For multiuser build, checks holder before renaming

XCIV Version 3.53b4
	New Features
	1.	Full Boolean searches for simple, non-simple and section searches.
	2.	Open files by double clicking search list (just like the files list)
	3.	Gather citations (with toolbar button equivalent
	4.	Code Count report now counts codes  in setcontext, setcode, setrepeat, universal and var metatags (only counted if value is set). NOTE: co-coding is not changed and will not report on setcode, etc.

	Bug fixes
	1.	Window boundaries better placed relative to tabview in project window
	2.	Infinite loop bug for !setcode fixed
	3.	Several memory leaks plugged in the tams character engine (the parser at the heart of searching).
	4.	Memory leaks plugged in the sentence/paragraph Boolean parser
	5.	Find record now works with outline view created by grouping column in results window; double clicking a row (or single clicking the row followed by clicking the Find Record button) in the outline will take you to the associated document and location.
	6.	Updated documentation; a-v how to and tool bar how to updated and added to on line help and pdf help. Qual. Anal. for Beginners updated.

XCV. Version 3.53b9
	Interface changes
	1. Use of + in a simple search now prompts user if they would like to run the search as non-simple
	2. Column selections in result windows are now maintained across most operations
	3. Select field to browse now uses the current selected column rather than picking the column from a dialogue
	4. Select field to browse button changed (will affect tool bars)
	5. Internal refactoring done of quicktime code to help portability to other platforms.

	Bug fixes
	1. Back button/command for hot code sets now works if the first set loaded is a named code set.
	2. Insert time code button now codes the time, same as menu command.
	3. Small window results now are updated to match large results window w.r.t. padding and data comparison tables

XCVI. Version 3.60b6
	New features
	1. Ability to tag files either through the workbench or while coding or working with a file
	2. Ability to search for tags or file names using boolean operators. 
	3. Ability to get a report of files by tag or tag by file

	Interface changes
	1. A few menu name changes to better communicate the purpose of an option

XCVII. Version 3.61b7 (10/19/2009)
	New features
	1. Project, Document, and Results (except temporary) window positions are restored
	2. Tag menu on the Files tab
	Bug fixes
	1. Problems with tags fixed
	2. Small wording changes in the interface to make clearer some functions' intentions
	3. Text file handling restored for pre-Leopard OS

XCVIII. Version 3.61b8 (10/21/2009)
	Bug fix
	1. Corrected bug that prevented new projects showing on the window.

XCIX. Version 3.61b20 (2/6/2010)
New features:
	1. Time codes in seconds can now be sloppily selected when jumping to a time code. Previously the time had to be selected exactly.
	2. Find paired tags now accepts sloppier selecting. Users no longer need to click inside the tag, but can select the whole tag when searching for a paired tag.
	3. Import definition and codes from code file now properly interprets escape characters.
	4. Double clicking a code or file in the sets panel (code and file tabs) now indicates which code sets include that code by selecting them in the code set list.
	5. Clicking multiple file and code sets selects all the codes from those file sets allowing you to create new file sets by combining others. Use the command and shift keys to extend selections.
	6. In the sets and tags pane, there is now a count for the number of code sets and file sets.

	Change in behaviors:
	1.	Creating or modifying a File set no longer automatically “loads” that file set.
	2. Buttons on the search tab now combined into a menu

	Bug fixes
	1.	Interface repaired for file tag tab so labels and fields resize correctly
	2.	Buttons on file tab changed so they are Panther compatible
	3.	File sets menu and select more (and other functions) work with each other; previously using the file set menu did not register the file set so that select more (and maybe other functions) did not work correctly

C. Version 3.70b5 (3/12/2010)
	New features
	1. Create, apply, and manage value sets to results
	2. Create and apply file sets to results
	3. AND file and code sets together on the workbench
	4. Trash system implemented for multiuser tams

	Bug fixes
	1. Menu conflicts for shortcuts resolved
	2. Multiple selections to code set restored
	3. Connection bug fixed
	4. Addcode routine disabled for workbench
CI. Version 3.71b4 (3/18/2010)
	New features
	1. Value sets can be global
	2. Value sets and file sets are now integrated with autosets
	3. Raw section searches now show section spanning codes
	4. Code sets in auto sets can now use "not intersect"
	Interface changes
	1. Select (intersect) is now the default value on file and value set operations
	2. Hint for tags now added to pane
	3. Wording of selection operations now the same for code, value, and file sets
	4. Section searches now show the limit string as _code

	Bug fixes
	1. Major memory leak in section search repaired
	2. Create file set bug on tags and sets tabs
	3. Show button now hidden on single user Files tab
	4. Vestigial methods created so single user project doesn't complain
	5. several bug fixes from converting Equalto to equalToString: and key value pair problems

CII. Version 3.72b6 (3/28/2010)
	New features
	1. Ability to chart data by file sets and value sets in data comparison tables
	2. Ability to use code, file and value sets in both X and Y axes of data comparison tables
	3. PCRE updated to 8.02

	Interface changes
	1. Data comparison table interface changed to allow more complex assignment of data types to each axis

	Bug fixes
	1. Critical bug fix that prevented accurate data from occuring on Truecrypt volumes. 
	2. Small alternative dialogues now uses same nib as large dialogues, features will be complete for small dialogue users.

CIII. Version 3.72b15 (4/6/2010)
	Interface changes
	1. Holder column will now *not* resize when window resizes
	2. Axis information in Data Comparison Tables (DCT) is a little more informative
	3. Results window will restore table view (vs. outline view) when quitting the DCT
	4. DCT now selects _data as the default for table data elements

	Bug fixes
	1. Critical bug fix for single user version. Now users can remove files from the project
	2. Important bug fix for single column DCTs which had no actual data to show
	3. Resizing of both the small and large panel versions of DCTs now works. Before it left table elements drifting all over each other
	4. Zeros (0) in counts now obey the formatting rules in terms of vertical and horizontal justification
	5. Totals for sets when do not count duplicates is checked present correct (non-duplicated) sums

CIV. Version 3.73b12 (4/23/2010)
	New features
	1. Co-coding report now allows for control of the content for each axis independently
	2. Co-coding can now be seen as a graph
	3. Co-occurence can now be seen as a graph
	4. There is a new simpler co-occurence table
	5. Mark all is now available to the outline view. Only marks expanded rows.
	6. Collapse up and down will expand all up and down in outline mode

	Interface changes
	1. Smart sort no longer de-selects the column that is selected
	2. Co-coding report now provides options for what codes will be included in the counts
	3. Reports menu changed and expanded. Titles are clearer.
	Bug fixes
	1. Export data now interprets escape characters (e.g., tabs [\t])
	2. Select near for character distance now uses both begin and end to determine nearness

CV. Version 3.74b7 (5/5/2010)
	New features:
	1. Hierarchical results  such as select near and group on column now have a graph and table report for viewing relationships
	2. Select Near matches string values (doesn't use the less/more than) 
	3. New "code count by document" report generated from workbench (see documentation below)
	4. Former code count now prompts for sort order of answer
	5. New result window buttons for mark all/unmark all
	6. Data Comparison Tables (DCT) options can now be saved; they are saved in the workbench so that they are available project wide. 
	7. DCT title accepts variables for x axis, y axis, date and time (%%x, %%y, %%d, and %%t respectively) 
	Bug fixes
	1. DCT crash that occurred if single column results were given a column name the same as a table column. This is now no longer allowed
	2. Fix to graph code sets: showed file sets rather than code sets in the dialogue

CVI. Version 3.74b10 (5/24/2010)
	Interface change
	1. Graph sets to data report uses a TAMS window rather than a browser to display results
	Bug fixes
	1. Multiuser tams can now store rtfd files on the mysql server
	2. Tiger users can now use data comparison tables.

CVII. Version 4.00b4 (8/25/2010)
	New features
	1.	pdf support
	2.	image (jpg, etc.) support
	3.	alternative layout for video/transcript window
	Interface changes
	1.	working project panel has an open other button
	2.	simplified interface for doc windows, most buttons now on tool bar
	3.	smart code definition button, senses whether its in text or in code list
	4.	improved code browser
	5.	tool tips added to critical areas
	6.	new icon set
	7.  analysis toolbar now includes the media player and export buttons
	Bug fixes
	A.	delete multiple code sets and file sets now works
	B.	rename file set now changes other file set listings
	C.	rename code set now changes other code set listings
	D.	opening a file after a tag search now works correctly
	E.	multiuser: rtfd now properly shared

CVIII. Version 4.01b4 (9/23/2010)
	New feature
	1. Implemented report of Krippengraff's Alpha (IRR for multiple coders)

CIX. Version 4.10b5 (10/21/2010)
	New feature
	1. Data table html report
	2. Krippengraff's Alpha returns additional statistics
	Interface changes
	1. Drawer added to results windows for sorting and selecting

CX.  Version 4.11b2 (2/7/2011)
	New feature
	1. Padding option for Data Table and Data Comparison Table reports.
	2. Padding option for Export Data
	3. Code level for co-coder frequency report
	Interface changes
	1. Small improvements to search tab of workbench.

CXI. Version 4.12.b3 (3/21/2011)
	New feature
	1. Insert codes into existing codes (uses mark and recode)
	2. Delete any level of existing codes (uses mark and recode)
	Bug fixes
	1. Export as tabbed file fixed for Co-coding frequency chart
	2. Recode (etc.) fixed when records are marked out of order
	3. Recode (etc.) fixed when records overlap

CXII. Version 4.13b8 (4/11/2011)
	New Features
	1.	Data tables are hot linked to results window
	2.	Negative numbers can be used in  Results->Recode-> Insert code at level...
	3.	Graph code family report works in results windows and can produce a count of codes in the current selection
	4.	{!page} tag which creates a context column and fills in the pdf page number (0 based) for each code selection
	Bug fixes and other changes
	1.	Critical bug fix for paragraph and sentence searches
	2.	Critical bug fix for pdfs that included “tag” like strings (used braces, etc.)
	3.	Replaced obsolete api calls for NSTableView
	4.	Graphviz handling now done by a special graphviz object; this is in anticipation of the death of Rosetta.
CXIII. Version 4.13b9 (4/18/2011)
	Bug fix
	1. Critical bug fix for large number of recodes
CXIV. Version 4.13b9 (5/23/2011)
	Bug fix
	1. Critical bug fix for empty searches
CXV. Version 4.13b13 (6/27/2011)
	Bug fix
	1. Bug fix for "don't number empty lines"
	2. Multiuser: synching of pdf and graphic wrappers fixed
	3. Multiuser: holder of attached files fixed
	Interface change
	1. Improved formatting of webkit table reports
CXVI. Version 4.14b1 (8/23/2011)
	1. Option to leave data elements unsorted in DCTs
	Bug fixes
	1. Multiuser synching of rtfd files
	2. pdfkit handling lion and theoretically others as well
	3. window closing handling lion
	4. save state handling lion
	5. misc. bug fixes revealed by llvm compiler
	6. line number handling in DCTs
CXVII. Version 4.15b1 (10/11/2011)
	1. Option to allow researchers to view either all files or the current code set when tagging files
	Bug fixes
	1. Bug fix for starting tams by double clicking a project file
	2. Bug fix for file tag menu
	3. Bug fix or viewing all files in tag pane
CXVIII. Version 4.20b10 (1/16/2012)
	1. Project window toolbar with synch, code def, search, and code browser
	2. Open project by opening data or results files
	3. Delete/undelete codes in multiuser projects
	4. Set the text encoding for projects individually
	5. Opening text files uses the text encoding
	6. Code set and file set now use a sliding pane divider
	7. Code definition button on tool bar is useful for any project table that lists codes
	Bug fixes/Interace changes
	1. Delete trash can panel resizes properly
	2. Fixed bug that lead to pdf/image records appearing twice
	3. Fixed bug crash for lion
	4. Changed buttons on Code def tab of project
	5. Changed layouts on code search and set tabs
	6. Increased workbench size (with adjustments everywhere)
	7. All html reports use the same table tag.

CXIX. Version 4.21b4 (2/6/2012)
	New features
	1. Hitting return in the textfield of the results shelf is now equivalent to hitting the select button
	2. Ability to export set and tag information from a project
	3. Ability to import set and tag information from either a .tamssets file or from a .xtprj

	Bug fixes
	1. open project from files now works with older projects that used the same directory for all files
	2. bug fixes for opening, creating and searching for files introduced in 4.20
	3. DCT fixes for padding and for code level
	4. Bug fix for projects that relisted files multiple times
	5. Bug fix for results files that relisted data multiple times
	6. Improved error message for !button metatag

	Important internal changes
	1. The entire search operation from the project has been abstracted into its own object rather than being handled by the results window itself.

CXX. Version 4.21b5 (2/7/2012)
	1. Bug fix that would affect searches and creating new files on Lion
	2. Added whole screen support for windows (needs work).

CXXI. Version 4.21b7 (2/14/2012)
	1. Clear table bug fix (made to all versions, impacts lion users only)
	2. Bug fix to recode and addcode (impacts all versions)
	3. Tweak to project picker window (lion only)

CXXII. Version 4.30b8 (2/27/2012) 
	New Features
	1. Code rename facility
	2. Vertical bar added to toolbar menu
	3. Windows now can close in any order; Lion restore windows now supported

	Bug fixes and interface/operation changes:
	1. Correct handling of delete code for hot sets
	2. New project is better named on the file menu
	3. Program uses Apples tmp folder rather than /tmp (could be important for sandboxing)
	4. Critical bug fix for !setcode metatag

CXXIII. Version 4.30b10 (3/17/2012)
	Bug fixes
	1. International character encoding supported for searches
	2. Bug fix for open results file before project
	3. Bug fix for close project before results window

CXXIV. Version 4.31b4 (3/30/2012)
	New Features
	1. Select overlapped records in results window

	Bug fixes
	1. Fetch row in outline view of results now selects correctly
	2. Fixed select near
	3. Fixed results->result set menu so it lists result sets
	4. Fixed blank=0 problem
	5. Fixed hide tags after results refresh

CXXV. Version 4.31b5 (4/1/2012)
	Interface Changes
	1. Rename codes dialog now defaults to not-exact
	2. Rename code warning made more dire
	3. More space given to Case sensitivity switch for searches

	Bug Fix
	1. Critical bug fix for renaming codes when new name stem has more code levels than initial code stem

CXXVI. Version 4.32b3 (4/9/2012)
	New features
	1. Automatic setting of small dialogue option
	2. Check and warning if screen is below 800x600
	3. Hierarchical table now sorts level 2 column
	4. Co-occurrence now compares current selection to another result set or all records
	Bug fixes
	1. Fix of major calculation bug in co-occurrence
	2. Apply code problem fixed when existing code is not in hot code set
	3. Fix to code color controller
	4. Fix to list of codes in codes column of hier table
	5. Fix to blank=0

CXXVII. Version 4.32b5 (5/15/2012)
	New features
	1. Error checking for apply codes in document windows
	2. Cmd(apple) period added to most panels to dismiss them 
	3. Ok/Cancel button placement made more consistent
	Bug fixes
	1. RTFD support for importing graphics added for newly created rtfd documents

CXXVIII. Version 4.34b2 (6/26/2012)
	New features
	1. Improved find replace for both Rename Codes and Recode
	2. Locate missing files diagnostic tools
	3. Create project open dialogue now lets you create folders

	Bug fixes
	1. Memory clean up in key parts of program
	2. Bug fix for image files for Lion 10.7.4

CXXIX. Version 4.34b3 (6/26/2012)
	New features
	1. Improved checking of code legality on adding new codes

	Bug fix
	1. Crash of text coding of PDFs patched

CXXX. Version 4.34b4 (7/25/2012)
	Bug fixes
	1. Fixed bug that prevented coding if no codes were present prior to selected text
	2. Small interface change regarding code sets

CXXXI. Version 4.34b4 (7/25/2012)
	Bug fix
	1. Fixed bug that caused crash for kappa, code count and co-coding frequency reports (when run from workbench)

CXXXII. Version 4.40b2 (10/1/2012)
	New Features:
	1. Expanded document tool bar options
	2. Direct coding of video/audio files

	Bug Fixes
	1. Bug fix for pop hot code stack
	2. Bug fix for paragraph and sentence searches
	3. Arrow keys now work for both text and video panes rather than one or the other
CXXXIII. Version 4.41b2 (10/31/2012)
	New Features:
	1. Delete the presence of a code in all files.
	2. Deleting or renaming codes now gives a dialogue at the end of the process to confirm completion
	3. codeDictionaryBackup.xml is now moved to trash before being overwritten

	Bug Fixes
	1. Bug fix for rename !var metatag

CXXXIV Version 4.41b3 (11/12/2012)
	Bug Fixes
	1. Video coding window now checks to see if multiple rows are selected before switching to transcript mode
	2. ? button does noting if in transcript mode
	3. Better saving of transcript if saving document from transcript mode

CXXXV. Version 4.42b3 (12/11/2012)
	New Features:
	1. Dedicated button for insert end code for video coding window.
	2. Ability to set start/end times for multiple rows
	3. Ability to save graphviz files to a local directory and open them manually
	Bug Fixes
	1. File tag management relocated in myProject rather than affiliated object
	2. File checks if last character of text/rtf/rtfd file is a "}" and adds a return if it is on save.

CXXXVI. Version 4.43b1 (12/30/2012)
	New Features:
	1. Document search.
	Interface changes
	2. For pdf, image, and audiovisual documents section searches and document searches are the same (all records of qualifying documents are returned).
	Bug Fixes
	1. Bug fix for limits on non-simple search
	2. Bug fix for limits on section searches.

CXXXVII. Version 4.44b1 (1/24/2013)
	New Features:
	1. Non-simple, Section and Document searching implemented for image, AV, and PDF file types
	2. Add code implemented for AV and image file types with non-simple, section and docuemnt searches
	3. PDF files section search treats each page as a section
	4. Select all button added to image, AV, and PDF file tool bars
	Bug Fixes
	1. Fixed double clicking on pdf file results row

CXXXVIII. Version 4.45b1 (2/11/2013)
New Features:
	1.	AV/PDF/Image files allow you to specify a code project wide or in each document that serves to mark sections. Section searches will return all records that intersect this “section code.”
	2.	Image files can be optionally section searched by descriptions
	Bug fixes and interface changes
	1.	Improved layout of returned data for av/pdf/image files for doc/section/non-simple searches.
	2.	Critical bug fix for simple and non-simple searches in av/pdf/image files

CXXXIX. Version 4.45b2 (2/20/2013)
Bug fixes:
	1.	Critical bug fix for coding text selections of pdfs
	2. Bug fix for coloring coded text selections for tiger (disabled coloring)

CXXXX. Version 4.45b4 (5/21/2013)
Bug fix release. 
	1.	Memory problems for Count Code and Co-coding Frequency fixed
	2.	Several critical issues for multiuser tams support of pdf/video/graphics files (and attachments fixed)

CXXXXI. Version 4.45b5 (9/24/2013)
Bug fix release. 
	1.	Initalization of variable problem for Co-coding Frequency fixed
	2.	Fixed sort up for video coding window

CXXXXII. Version 4.45b7 (10/1/2013)
	New Features: 
	1. Result window has new sort format: time code on the shelf that can sort mixed seconds and hh:mm:ss format strings

	Bug Fixes:
	1. Video window sorts by time including hh:mm:ss format
	2. Lion+: project window defaults to simple search
	3. Lion+: project window defaults to files tab

CXLIII. Version 4.46b6 (1/24/2014)
	New Features:
	1. Ability to bulk add PDFs to a project
	2. Ability for mulituser tams to set the name of the superuser
	3. Two working apps compiled: Mt. Lion/Maverick and Snow Leopard

CXLIV. Version 4.47b1 (1/30/2014)
	New Features:
	1. Ability to bulk add PDF, images, and video to a project for either direct coding or transcription
	3. Lion support restored

CXLV. Version 4.47b2 (2/10/2014)
	Bug Fix:
	1. Program crashed on cancelling bulk import.

CXLVI. Version 4.47b4 (4/8/2014)
	Bug Fixes:
	1. Coding pdfs on Maverick fixed
	2. Text coding of pdfs improved (not perfect)
	3. End time code for projects implemented on snow leopard
	4. Co-coding frequency fixed for video file format

CXLVII.	Version 4.47b9 
	Bug Fixes:
	1.	Code clean up around search lists and file lists done, which hopefully will fix the problem of double entries that people have had.
	2.	A page number check on pdfs was added so that overlapped and enclosing codes are now not included if they are on different pages

CXLVIII. Version 4.48b2
	New Features
	1. Results export now has options for saving the settings you input (saved in the project file so that they are available globally)
	2. Users can add multiple types of quotes for double quotes (“).
	3. Lorem ipsum generator: DANGEROUS! Converts the open txt or rtf file to lorem ipsum but leaves coding at the same spot in the text—codes aren’t converted, only text. Useful for sharing files with me with confidential information. Note: use this only on a copy of your data! Under Coding>Debug>Lorem…

	Bug Fixes:
	1. Critical bug fix for doing searches with result set showing on project files tab. If users clicked the results button on their workbench (files tab) searches would crash tams.


CXLVIX. Version 4.48b7 (11/15/2016)
	Bug Fixes from builds 4,5, and 7
	1. Critical bug fix for import file for the project file
	2. Bug on El Capitan for quote handling
	3. Projects now filters the result file list to make sure it’s not contaminated on loading
	4. Bug caused by double clicking results rows so that they added files to the results list
	5. Bug caused by opening data file when no codes had yet been defined
	6. Bug caused by opening project file when it was previously in results mode
	7. Bug caused by opening up files through the results window when in results mode in the project window.

TAMS Analyzer 4.49b3 release notes

CL. Version 4.49b3 (8/15/2017)
New Features
	For temporary columns, append columns now allows you to select multiple columns
	Can now collapse data by picking multiple columns against which data are compared. Also, can collapse columns based on the way data is sorted 
	Refactored for future multimedia options
	Case sort now can be controlled from the sort shelf. Codes can now be sorted case insensitively. 

Bug Fixes
	Implemented kludge to delete duplicate files in search and files list of project. If they reappear, there is a function to do the same in the project menu
	Fixed show comment so it doesn't show escape characters
	Sorts of codes in code lists is now case insensitive--in most places...
	Bug fixes to quote system for non El Capitan users
	Case search option now shows status properly
	Lots of under smaller bug fixes

CLI. Version 4.49b5 (9/5/2017)
New Features
	Adjustable search column on project's files tab
	Improved project files tab layout

Bug fixes
	_doc column in results window is now sortable